Organic Certification

GSCI Services Pvt. Ltd. is accredited for the below certification programs

1.       National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) – GSCI is accredited for certification of operators as per Crop production that includes Individual Production, Grower Group and Wild collection

2.       Canada Organic Regime (COR) – GSCI is accredited for certification of operators in India as per Crop Production, Processing, Livestock production, and Livestock Feed.

5 Steps to Certification

1. Get Started

  • Request an application packet through
  • Complete the application and organic management plan.
  • Await GSCI's review and receive a proposal and contract.
  • Sign the contract to officially begin the certification process.

2. Inspection

  • GSCI schedules an inspection during your operation's relevant season.
  • The inspector verifies compliance with your submitted management plan.

3. Evaluation & Resolution

  • Reviewers assess the inspection documents for compliance.
  • You'll receive notification of any non-compliance and deadlines for corrective actions.

4. Certification Decision

  • Based on the evaluation, GSCI issues a certification decision (granting, denial, suspension, or revocation).

5. Ongoing Monitoring

  • GSCI monitors your compliance through follow-up inspections, reviews, and unannounced visits.