Organic Certification

GSCI Services seeks business to take advantage of the window of opportunities for introducing a set of organic certifications under one roof.

GSCI Services is currently accredited by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for certification of agricultural and processed food products as COR certified.

GSCI has applied for accreditation of NPOP certification (Indian organic standard) and is under the process.

For Organic certification of agricultural products (processed and unprocessed product) following are the steps. You can send your enquiry to the below email

5 Steps to Certification

Application, Document review & contract


Evaluation & Resolution


Surveillance & Enforcement

Step 1 – Application, document review & contract

Certification begins with an Initial application package provided by GSCI. All new applicants should contact GSCI at for your enquiry and to request an Application Packet and complete their application. This will ensure that you have all of the required forms and the guidance to complete them. Missing forms and incomplete information may cause delay in certification process. You must complete an Application for Certification, identifying the certification programs for which you are requesting certification. You can apply for certification of Farm production, Processing and Trading operations. You will also be required to complete an Organic management Plan for the certification program for which you have applied.
GSCI will review application and management plans submitted and will contact you for more information or documents required. Once all the required information is received GSCI will send you Proposal and Contract for signing. Upon accepting the contract, your operation will be contracted and registered for certification with GSCI Services.

Step 2- Inspection

GSCI will plan inspection at your operation. The inspector assigned for inspection will make a definite appointment to inspect your operation. Initial applicants may be inspected prior to handling of organic products. The inspection will occur during the growing season or while organic products are handled by your operation.
During the inspection, the inspector will verify that operations are operating as described in the submitted Management Plan. The inspector will assess your operation’s compliance and/or the ability to comply with applicable standards.

Step 3 - Evaluation & Resolution

After the inspection, reviewers will review & evaluate inspection documents for the conformity of your operation and/or its products to the applicable standards. You will be notified of any non-compliances and/or any missing information need to complete the evaluation. You will be informed a deadline to submit a corrective and preventative action for the non-compliances.

Step 4 - Certification

Based on the evaluation results, a certification decision will be made. The nature of this certification decision varies with the certification program but in essence involves one of the following options:

  1. Granting or extending certification;
  2. Denial (initial applicants only) of certification;
  3. Suspension of certification;
  4. Revocation or cancellation of certification.

Step 5 - Surveillance & Enforcement

GSCI will monitor the conformity of your operation and produce during the certification period by such procedures as:

  1. Follow-up on implementation of corrective actions,
  2. Unannounced inspections
  3. Collection and review of labels and advertising material. Sanctions for serious non-compliances discovered during inspections and surveillance include suspension, revocation or cancellation of your certification status.